9731 - Cockpit Display Terminals:-

Intelligent Cockpit Control/Display Units.

8926 - PCB Outstation:-

PCB Outstation for continuous rotator control. (200k PDF)

8881 - PylonSMMC Outstation:-

Satellite antenna mount control software system. (Information and support page).

8877 - PylonGDS-ENG3:-

MDI Broadcast remote control software system. (Information and support page).

8866 - RackManager SNMP Agent:-

SNMP Agent for Rack Management of legacy equipment. (100k PDF)

8866 - PylonSNMP-Manager:-

SNMP Manager software system. (100k PDF)

8866 - PylonEPC-SNMP Agent:-

SNMP Agent for Pylon EPC Controllers. (100k PDF)

8840 - PylonMAP:-

Map tracking software for airbourne broadcast and surveilance applications. (100k PDF)

8834 - PylonEPC Controller:-

Embedded PC Controller for broadcast applications. (Information and support page).

8833 - PylonUCL:-

Remote control software for UCL radios. (100k PDF)

8829 - Modem:-

Bell 202 modem for one-way and airbourne use. (200k PDF)

8816 - PylonDFL:-

Remote control software for DFL radios. (100k PDF)

8740 - PylonCAM:-

Camera remote control software. (100k PDF)

8657 - PylonARTE:-

Digital network codec control system - for 100% codec and 100% network redundancy. (100k PDF)

8626 - PylonRNM:-

Radio network monitoring software. (100k PDF)

8612 - PylonDSNG:-

DSNG codec remote configuration and control software for DMV codecs. (100k PDF)

8590 - PylonSAT:-

PylonSAT satellite calculator with pitch and roll correction. (100k PDF)

8512 - PylonREV:-

Logged data review system for broadcast earthstation repater performance monitoring. (100k PDF)

8512 - PylonGDS:-

Satellite earthstation 1 + 1 monitoring, logging and control system. (100k PDF)

8496 - Helipod Controller:-

PCB controller for GPS pod control. (200k PDF)

8464 - PylonENG2:-

SDI Broadcast remote control software system. (100k PDF)

8400 - PylonSNG:-

SNG Flyaway remote control software. (100k PDF)